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Substantial Changes

Due to my experiences with Tropico’s engine, I’ll probably be moving to Lua.

This isn’t to do with replicating their code (honestly 99.99999% of it has no place in my code base), but it opened my eyes to concurrency and the notion of “open buildings”.  While the games are fundamentally the same premise (city-builder/simulation/strategy), the substantial difference arises in scale, and in that Tropico allows you to tune into people.

I have some plans to handle “people to leader” communication and various other things, but I will not be rendering the people.  Sorry for those who were interested from an early, early, early discussion, but it’s expensive to process, render, and compute, rather than generalising it a bit more.

There are other realisations, like that I wish I could ban certain people using their DNA because they complain too much or otherwise demand features for other games that by no means fit, but the obvious solution is to make it singleplayer only, and to hand control of their own destiny over to them in a way which is simple enough for them to be able to use it without a functional frontal lobe, but complex enough to let me make the game.

Back on track for mass-modding, but the shape has changed with some 3D experiments.  As usual, don’t expect anything too flashy for a long time.