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Updates and MockUps

Orbsphere has seen some pretty exciting updates, and some pretty exciting changes in the development plan.

The following image is the latest mockup:

There are some modifications made to that, and the whole thing is sprite-based, so that I can keep my dream of running things on lower-end PCs alive.

I feel it has a nice mix of shine and function without too much compromise.

Modding Features:

At the moment I am planning on some modding features, primarily so that it makes my life easier, but also so that modders can sink their teeth into something if they’re interested.  Notably, the game is still single-player only (with a possible multiplayer expansion if I can get netcode playing nicely).

Available Modding (currently):

  • User Interfaces are entirely modifiable (thanks to LibRocket);
  • Images (spritemaps) are entirely modifiable.

Things I would like to expose (on the wishlist, or in progress currently):

  • Further customisation to spritemaps;
  • Resources (purely for modders, so that they can add/remove things);
  • Custom (Mod-Specific) Achievements (this is ambitious);
  • Custom Artificial Intelligence.

That said, there are a lot of things left, that I won’t explain until things are either further along, or more stable.

Notably I still need to work out which scripting language I’ll use (Javascript and Python are at the top).